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SIA Security Guard Course

What is the SIA Security Guard Course?

The SIA Security Guard Course is a compulsory 4-day security course designed to equip individuals with the essential knowledge and skills needed to obtain an SIA Security Guard licence in the UK. This course delves into security subjects, encompassing the roles and responsibilities of security guards, understanding excellent customer service skills, effective conflict management skills, physical intervention awareness, emergency procedures, and much more. Practical training sessions are also integrated to enable participants to apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

Course Overview: 4 Days Course | Course Fee: £270 Payment Structure: £70 deposit and £200 payment in the office

SIA Security Guard Course (4Days)

Course Information

What are the duties of an SIA Security guard?

Providing a visible security presence

Security guards are frequently tasked with patrolling an area or stationed at a specific location to discourage criminal activity and offer reassurance to the public.

Responding to incidents

The event of an incident, such as a fire or a security breach, security guards are required to respond promptly and efficiently to reduce harm and prevent additional damage.

Conducting searches

Security guards may need to conduct searches of people or vehicles entering premises to ensure that prohibited items are not brought in.

Monitoring CCTV and alarms

Security guards may have the responsibility of overseeing CCTV systems and alarm systems to identify and address potential security threats.

Who is the SIA security guard course for?

The SIA Security Guard Course is tailored for individuals aspiring to establish a career in the security industry within the UK. This comprehensive course caters to those who aim to work as security guards or in related roles within the private security sector, excluding door supervision.

SIA Security Guard Course Content

Do I need First aid with my security guard Training?

Obtaining an emergency first aid certificate is a mandatory requirement for your Security Guard licence. To gain your SIA security guard licence, you must complete both the Emergency First Aid and the Security Guard training. Please note that our SIA Security Guard Course includes Free Emergency first aid training with the security guard course. 

We offer a 4-Day SIA Security Guard Training + First Aid course in Stratford, East London. This course is essential for gaining your security guard licence and consists of 4 days of training, concluding with multiple-choice exams. The results may take up to two weeks to be released.

Unit 1: Principles of Working in the Private Security Industry

Acquire knowledge of the key characteristics and objectives of the Private Security Industry.
Comprehend the application of relevant legislation to security operatives.
Familiarize with arrest procedures pertinent to security operatives.
Recognize the significance of adhering to safe work practices.
Grasp the workplace fire procedures.
Comprehend emergencies and the significance of emergency protocols.
Learn effective communication skills as a security operative.
Understand the importance of record-keeping in the role of a security operative.
Recognize the aspects of handling terror threats and the role of a security operative in response to such threats.
Learn how to ensure the safety of vulnerable individuals.
Understand best practices for post-incident management.

Unit 2: Principles of Working as a Security Officer In The Private Security Industry

Understand the roles and responsibilities of security officers.
Understand the control of access and egress.
Know the different types of electronic and physical protection systems in the security environment.
Know how to minimize risk to personal safety at work.
Understand drug-misuse legislation, issues, and procedures relevant to the role of a security officer.
Know how to conduct effective search procedures.
Understand how to patrol designated areas safely.

Unit 3: Application of Conflict Management in the Private Security Industry

Understand the principles of conflict management appropriate to the role.
Understand how to recognize, assess, and reduce risk in conflict situations.
Understand the use of problem-solving techniques when resolving conflict.
Be able to communicate to de-escalate conflict.

Do you have security guard course near me?

Yes, we have a security guard course in multiple locations in London. 

Security Course London in Canary Wharf 

Security Course London in Stratford 

Security Course London in Park Royal/Wembley